Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On hiatus...

Sadly, I must take a short (Lord willing...) break from massive amounts of cooking and baking as our kitchen is seriously under siege.  We are eagerly anticipating all new cupboards and cabinets, new appliances, new wiring and plumbing, and (joyfully!!) new flooring.

A brief update on the oatmeal cookie master mix that I had made once before.  A couple days ago, it found its fateful end in the digestive tract of our dog (where have I heard this before...maybe here?)  Needless to say, that is that. :)

You may have read in The Mennonite or the Mennonite Weekly Review that this Menno. cookbook blog thing has taken off in other realms.  Here's a woman doing Simply in Season: right here.  You can check it out and I will try not to feel jealous.


  1. When I read about that blog in the MRW I immediately thought of you and felt that your blog should be getting some publicity. Think I should check into that with your Uncle Stu? Aunt Marty

  2. Do try those truffles...they just might be one of the only things you're able to "cook" in the current state of your kitchen. Only requirements: fridge & microwave :)