Thursday, March 11, 2010

[[Thanks again to my momma for submitting a recipe review!!]]

64.  Coating Mix for Oven Fried Chicken, pg. 179
I was a little worried about all the salt so did go a little light on each of the salts.  I didn't have celery salt or poultry seasoning (which is optional) so used Lawrey's Seasoned Salt.  The directions say to mix the ingredients--but my question was "what about the oil"?  The directions imply that you'd mix that with the dry ingredients.  I chose to skip the oil--don't think it is needed.  I used Pam to grease the baking dish.  I did moisten the chicken with water before dipping.  The chicken was well-received at dinner!  Think I will also try this with fish which is listed as an option.

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