Friday, September 4, 2009

Death by Chocolate....Pudding!

Who knew chocolate pudding could kill?

7. Quick Chocolate Pudding, pg. 264

Aside from the fact that though the recipe states it serves 4-6, Justin and I easily polished off an entire recipe by ourselves in one sitting. Perhaps it was the fact that for the milk, I used half cream? Or...that I doubled the amount of cocoa?

I've made this recipe many times before, and I've never been dissatisfied. Minus, maybe the fact there's never enough? (and/or no leftovers) When I use soy milk, I do not add vanilla. Normally, I also do not add the margarine. Definitely didn't this time -- didn't need any more fat! :)

This recipe would make a great chocolate pie filling, though you may need more than one recipe...perhaps 1.5 times?

Overall: 5 out of 5


  1. And just think, you are each getting at least two dairy requirements for the day! And so deliciously! Think the love of chocolate pudding has come to you through the Jantz bloodline!

  2. whoa 5 outta 5? I'm making that tonight!

  3. just made it and loved it. thanks!