Friday, September 18, 2009

A quick comment...

In response to the comment made on the Apple/Almond/Cranberry bread, it's true: I'm straying a bit from the concept of eating with less pomp and circumstance. I have two answers for why I might be doing this.

1. Because I have a good deal of experience baking (professionally and as an amateur), I'm probably going to be adding and subtracting here and there on those recipes. With this particular recipe, I had all the things I added on hand, and felt like the additions I made only made the bread more interesting. I'm sure this recipe tastes fine as it's written, but knowing my own personal tastes, I wanted to change it up a little.

2. I'm finding that MWL recipes are somewhat of a "middle ground" between old-style Menno. cooking (laden with fat, sugar, and refined flours) and ultra-healthy, no-fun recipes. Because I tend to prefer a slightly healthier product (especially in baked goods), I will probably always use about half whole wheat flour (or other whole grain), extra seeds or nuts, dried or fresh fruits, etc. to give the fiber/vitamin count a boost. Cooking More-with-Less could also be a journey in exploring a 'healthy' balance between superior flavour and meaningful nutrition.

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