Wednesday, October 21, 2009

29.  Cream of Cauliflower Soup, pg. 205

As I read through some of my recent posts, I'm re-reminded that fast and easy doesn't always fill a Kitchen Creator's need for making culinary delights.  I do like finding dishes which can be pulled together with what most people stock in their pantry, but trying something completely new and a bit more complicated can, at times, feel more rewarding in the end.

This recipe is not so complicated, though, and stays within the fairly simple and less-than-an-hour prep that my dishes have been lately.  It is nice to find recipes full of veggies, but aren't complex.

I modified this recipe here and there to try to create a slightly different, less-predictable end product.  First, when cooking the cauliflower, I added some turnips -- maybe a half cup or so -- in place of a small chunk of cauliflower.  After they were all done cooking, I fished out the turnips and processed them in the blender until they were smooth, hoping that they would add a little thickness to the soup.  Next, I split the sautée fat between butter and olive oil, and used about 1/2 c. (versus 1/4 c.) of diced onions.  When adding the liquids, I went light on the stock, as you're supposed to add the cauliflower water, and I was afraid if I added all the stock, the soup would be too thin.  I highly recommend adding some ground black pepper (or white if you have it on hand) towards the end of the cooking, and season with salt if needed.  I didn't have worcestershire sauce, and instead put a touch of some steak sauce and a dash of soy sauce.  To top it off when serving, add color by sprinkling grated cheddar (or other yellow) cheese on top with a pinch of parsley.

The end result was very middle-of-the-road-consistency: neither thin nor thick.  If you like a thicker soup, use a tablespoon or two more of flour, definitely blend some of the cauliflower, reduce the amount of veg/meat stock, and possibly use a higher fat milk (I used soy milk). If you like a thinner soup, follow the recipe as written.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5  Room to personalize, but its "basicness" can be pleasing to most.  Serve with salad or green veggie for a more complete color palatte.

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