Monday, October 26, 2009

30.  Oatmeal Cookie Mix, pg. 286

Because I enjoy having some baked goods around to satisfy my sweet tooth, I figured making this mix might be a good way to have half of the mixing up completed whenever I needed to bake again.

After one attempt at baking, I am a bit disappointed at the final product.  Halving the final combination, I substituted one small banana for one egg (which has been met before with mixed results), dropped in a few chocolate chips, and then followed the rest of the recipe.  The outcome was a never-done cookie that lacked any personality.  The cookies spread out a good bit, and even after baking for over 15 minutes (versus the stated 12), were quite gooey and wouldn't stay together.

So, the verdict isn't out yet.  I think I should try it again, using egg instead of banana, and then I'll give it my final score.  Stay tuned.

Has anyone else ever tried this recipe with different results?

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