Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little bit less...for more, hopefully

Yes, summers are normally busy times of year...with trips, gardening, and general basking in the sun.

No, I've not been posting much.  Partly because of busyness, partly because it's so hot in our kitchen that I never want to cook, and partly because I am finding that I feel like I've personally learned most of what I set out to learn.  More-with-Less was a mostly undiscovered cookbook for me a year ago, save a few bread and cookie recipes, and within a year I've branched in a direction I don't typically branch towards: simple, "home-cooked-tasting" meals (versus the normally crazy what-looks-awesome-with-seemingly-a-long-list-of-ingredients meals).

In brief, I am feeling that my personal journey with blogging about MWL is ending.  Not having to write may even make my life simpler...which, is totally in the spirit of MWL, is it not?

I gladly leave open the opportunity for someone else to pick up where I left off -- drop me a line, and we'll get you started. 

I have enjoyed writing very much and sharing stories with each of you about the food we eat.  I'm grateful for the press I received from Mennonite Publishing House and for the new people that came around because of it.  I hope you are not too disappointed (if you are, see the paragraph right above this can turn that frown upside down!), but that you can appreciate any new insights you've found along the way.

Good luck and good eating to each of you, blazing your own culinary paths!


  1. aw, sad face. i love reading blogs, especially ones having to do with food! but yeah, i have two blogs and the feeling you get when you haven't blogged in a long's not necessarily guilt...but it's the sense of obligation. it's kinda annoying. i'm good at putting my blogs on the back burner but i know i'm always sad when one of my blogs that i read hasn't posted in awhile. so, i'm trying to say, i understand. it was lovely while it lasted!

  2. I seem to think I may have had this cookbook a long time ago. When I downsized I probably got rid of it. I'm not sure what you mean about picking up where you're leaving off but it sounds like a winning title to your blog. Someone should keep it going! I love reading about foods.


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