Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oatmeal Cake

My youngest daughter requested Oatmeal Cake page. 285 a year in advance for her birthday. She first tried it at camp and loved it, and I liked it as well.

This is actually the first recipe I have made from the More-With-Less Cookbook, it was easy to follow.
I of course had to leave the nuts out of the icing, and I couldn't find shredded coconut that was nut free so I had to leave it out as well. I broiled the topping - almost forgot about - but got it out in time!

Everyone but one (claiming they didn't like that kind) tried a piece and my dad wanted a copy of the recipe!

This was a winner with only one piece left over - and it disappeared the next morning in the lunch of that someone claiming they didn't like that kind of cake.

I will be making this recipe again!
Sorry for the grainy picture!


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