Wednesday, December 9, 2009

39.  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, pg. 287

This page, by far, is the most disheveled in my copy of MWL, and entirely due to this recipe.  I've made this recipe many times and have rarely been disappointed (minus those few times I tried substituting applesauce for ALL the shortening, and/or using a banana instead of the eggs...remember that one, Mom? :))  This recipe brings together the best of all of the cookie world, in my opinion.  Chocolate, oats, and peanut butter.  Yum.

I almost always use all veg. shortening, though occasionally will split it with butter.  (Never have and never will use lard, as it suggests.  Sick.)  Because I like peanut butter a lot, I typically dump in a very hearty 1/4 c., probably more towards 1/3 c.  Using crunchy peanut butter does make a more dramatic entrance for the PB flavors, but for a more subtle approach, use creamy.

I'm not a huge nut-in-cookie fan, so have never tried adding extra nuts, but I'm sure making this cookie a bit more divine (for you nut fans) will not pose a hardship on your tastebuds.

Baking time seems to be a bit longer -- anywhere from 12-15 minutes from my experience.

Overall: 5 out of 5  A new classic which never fails.


  1. Have you ever HAD cookies made with part lard??? They are so GOOD! (I do understand the aversion, though.)

  2. i'd like to eat this cookie... hint hint...

  3. Valerie:

    John Longhurst of Mennonite Publishing Network here . . . publisher of More With Less Cookbook. Please contact me–I’d like to let others know about your blog.


  4. Question to the cook, we made these for Christmas and had a discussion over the serving size. We never get as many as the recipe says it will make. However, my last dozen I made with litterally a tsp measuring spoon. We had the cutest little cookies, crunchier than the normal size we make them, but still flavorful.