Saturday, December 26, 2009

The joys of a well-stocked kitchen...

It's always a lovely treat to be in someone else's kitchen, especially when I know where everything is, and everything is (more or less) neat and tidy.  Cooking seems to come more easily (helpful), and the cook is happier (vital!)

41.  Sweet-Sour Beets, pg. 223

Akin to a dish known in some places as Harvard Beets, Sweet-Sour Beets is a lightly dressed-up version of cooked beets.  With a vinegar/sugar sauce, these beets make a nice side dish with enough personality to be recognized in its own right.

I peeled and grated about 2 1/2 c. of gold and chiogga beets (because 1 or 2 beets is a bit vague) and cooked them in the butter for about 20 minutes.  If I make these in the future, I would probably simply cook the beets whole, then peel them, and either slice, grate or chop them.  Grating the beets raw, while providing a nice presentation, does take a bit of time, and having to peel before cooking is a royal pain.

Overall:  3 out of 5  A nice, traditional dish.  Works its beet-y magic, but probably won't wow at a dinner party.

On a side note:  I just remade Cream of Cauliflower Soup, and found that by using just a cup more stock in addition to what I used for steaming the cauli. (and tonight, turnips and jerusalem artichokes) but using all the milk really makes a smooth, creamy soup.  I used a hand blender to blend the entire soup, and the result was beautiful!

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