Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[[Another review from Amanda Maust, who lives and works in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Thanks!!]]

38.  Molasses Crinkles, pg. 290
I have been craving molasses crinkles for some time now but had been unable to find molasses anywhere in DRC.  Although I had been told it could be found in several stores and the market I was unable to actually find any.  Now I'm doubting that it really can be found.

However, a woman that lives on campus has a friend that lives near a sugar refinery and the refinery throws away molasses, which is a biproduct of the refining process.  Waste to some equals deliciousness to me!  Long story short...I procured a liter of molasses for about a buck and thus began a weekend of molasses cooking craziness.

The molasses crinkles in More With Less are wonderful and I have even given out this recipe to several people after making them here.  These are the only things I do differently with the recipe:

-I use butter instead of shortening
-Here I have omitted the ground cloves because I don't have any
-Only bake for 8 minutes if you want a chewy cookie, and I do!


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